Auto · August 6, 2019

How to Know Vehicle has become Scrap or Not

Probably, it has reached a point in your life when your car has been categorized among scrap cars. Maybe because it’s ancient and it no-longer moving. But, other factors can make a car classified among scrap vehicle. Regardless of how we love our cars, it will reach a point we have to let go whether we like it or not.

How to define Scrap Car

Some car owners may even decide to resale their vehicle also if it reaches a status where it cannot perform appropriately due to weary. Bearing in mind, even if it is sold on that status, its value will depreciate. Therefore, before you advertise your car for sale, you should learn several essentials things you need to know so that you don’t sell a scrap car to someone:

  • If your vehicle is over ten years
  • Has MOT run out?
  • If it has short MOT
  • If the bodywork is in bad condition
  • Does it experience gearbox issues?
  • It is uneconomical or unworthy to be on the road?
  • If the cost of repairs has exceeded the value of the vehicle itself

scrap vehicleYou can earn extra cash on your scrap vehicle, and the amount of money you get will depend on most different things. Most companies that buy scrap vehicles determine the value of the scrap with its weight.


It is advisable before you pass your car to scrap, check whether it has any valuable items on it. Selling your scrap also preserves the environment. Once you’ve sold your car to the scrap dealer, he will de-pollute it and remove the entire hazardous materials. These materials include all liquids like water, fuel and oil.