Why Some Adsense Blogs Never Make Any Money

Why Some Blogs Never Make Any Money With Adsense?

No doubt every adsense bloggers marketer wants to minimize their advertising costs when promoting online.  In fact, most new adsense bloggers don’t even want to hear the words “SEO OR Advertising For Website Traffic” when they are just starting out. The good news is, there are some great free ways to advertise out there, unfortunately most people start out using the wrong ones, don’t get any results, then get frustrated and quit. I’m sure you’ve seen the listings of free for all link and classified pages on the net.  There are hundreds of them.  When you visit each individual page, you’ll see most pages are flooded with adsense ads from people that are a lot like you who are looking for economical ways to promote their business.  It may look promising at first glance due to all the traffic these sites appear to be getting. However, according to Ken Evoy, author of Make Your Site Sell 2016, “the only people who visit these pages are those posting their OWN messages.”  So of course they aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Ken continues to explain that even the more reputable classified ad services (Yahoo, Excite, etc.) are even inappropriate for business purposes for four main reasons:

1) They are more oriented for consumer to consumer “one off” sales (buying a used car, etc.)

2) They are cluttered with too many “get rich quick” schemes.

3) You’ll receive tons of spam and scams in your mailbox.

4) You’ll receive very few (if any) responses.

Ken offers some great advice for what DOES work in terms of traffic building, so I recommend you download his e-book.  The wealth of information offered in his section called “traffic-building” is worth its weight in gold.  

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So hopefully you’ll see that this type of freebie advertising or SEO process is really a waste of time and energy for any kind of adsense bloggers marketing.  As I mentioned earlier, there really are some powerful free ways to advertise and do SEO, but I recommend you build your website first and then do the following:

Start a free, opt-in newsletter for your visitors and offer them useful information on a weekly or monthly basis.

Swap links and/or articles with webmasters that have websites similar to yours.Use your signature file in your email to promote your web site.

Of course this does not mean to send unsolicited emails to people who have not requested information.  This is only in correspondence with people who have inquired about your business. Participate in discussion forums and include your link in your signature. Learn how to master the search engines.  There’s great advice in Make Your Site Sell and also visit SearchEngineWatch.com.So as you can see, there are several different traffic-building methods adsense bloggerss can use, just make sure you don’t fall into the classified/free-for all freebie trap that so many other newbie marketers falls into.  Your time is precious, so use it on the promotion methods that yield the best results.