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HIIT Cardio Bodybuilding FAQ

Here is a good question

For the sake of time I will condense (leave out names etc)…so here we go

Can I perform HIIT cardio and still squat heavy?

I read a lot of magazines and most if not all of them say that HIIT cardio is bad.. (I dont think its quite so bad.)

I guess my question is it ok to squat and sprint? Will I overtrain?

Answer: Thank you for the question. so right off yes you can squat heavy and sprint

(or perform interval cardio) it’s all about a few things though

  1. Staying away from CNS burnout(avoiding failure training like the plague.yeah training to failure is great just not as often as some folk do it.still train hard though.
  1. given number 1.also look to amend the number of sets of actual leg training you perform

If a normal squat workout looks as follows

Mon: squat-4-5 x 5 reps

leg ex-3×9 reps

rdl-3×7-9 reps

leg curls-3×8

Tues: sprint

Note that while adaptation will certainly occur(and progress gained on the 1st option) would it not be best to do what’s optimal instead of what’s optical? (ok I suck at rhyming) a better option may be

mon:squat-2-3×4-5 reps(heavy)

rdl-2-3×5 reps

next day-sprint etc..

or even squat-2×4


You can also get best legal steroids supplements from this site. Now you can sprint the later that day that’s likely a bit much (ok not likely it for sure is a bit much) especially if doing cardio interval style is the goal then DON’T DO THAT! After all sprinting is in effect a leg workout (don’t think so?) go perform intervals on a quad dominant modality(I will wait right here) it has the same effects as a heavy squat session(it’s the speed of the intervals that can in effect cause hypertrophy..speed being a component of a lifting(a quick/fast contraction can cause a response(via overload).In fact powerlifters do this with DE (speed ) training (done with 60-70% of a max with a focus on? you guessed it speed but all in all avoid the urge to “beat the crap out of the muscles” there is a difference between training at a percent of a max and training the max. exercise during diet(contest/cutting) is much akin to… when it comes time to diet(speaking of lifting) all it really is a reduced amount of what you did before you started the diet. Got it?

The Cheapest Ever Bread Machine

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Coming in at the lower end of the market, the Oster 5838 has a compact, simple design with an intuitive control panel, 3 step programming capable of 3 different loave sizes up to 2 pounds, a keep warm feature, 13 hour preset and 18 bake settings capable of bread, jams and gourmet dough and 3 crust shade settings. Out of the box it comes with a manual containing over 50 recipes.

Why Some Adsense Blogs Never Make Any Money

Why Some Blogs Never Make Any Money With Adsense?

No doubt every adsense bloggers marketer wants to minimize their advertising costs when promoting online.  In fact, most new adsense bloggers don’t even want to hear the words “SEO OR Advertising For Website Traffic” when they are just starting out. The good news is, there are some great free ways to advertise out there, unfortunately most people start out using the wrong ones, don’t get any results, then get frustrated and quit. I’m sure you’ve seen the listings of free for all link and classified pages on the net.  There are hundreds of them.  When you visit each individual page, you’ll see most pages are flooded with adsense ads from people that are a lot like you who are looking for economical ways to promote their business.  It may look promising at first glance due to all the traffic these sites appear to be getting. However, according to Ken Evoy, author of Make Your Site Sell 2016, “the only people who visit these pages are those posting their OWN messages.”  So of course they aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Ken continues to explain that even the more reputable classified ad services (Yahoo, Excite, etc.) are even inappropriate for business purposes for four main reasons:

1) They are more oriented for consumer to consumer “one off” sales (buying a used car, etc.)

2) They are cluttered with too many “get rich quick” schemes.

3) You’ll receive tons of spam and scams in your mailbox.

4) You’ll receive very few (if any) responses.

Ken offers some great advice for what DOES work in terms of traffic building, so I recommend you download his e-book.  The wealth of information offered in his section called “traffic-building” is worth its weight in gold.  

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HP’s $US99 TouchPad tablet selling out in retailer fire sale

Some retailers sole out remaining Hewlett-Packard TouchPad tablets in only a few hours on Saturday after heavily ignored prices captivated buyers to a final remaining units of a soon-to-be gone tablet. The TouchPad models privileged out by early morning during a Best Buy and Staples stores in New York City’s Union Square, salespeople during a stores said. A salesman during Best Buy pronounced that buyers were streaming in overnight to buy a tablets and were captivated by a cost of a TouchPads, that was $99 for 16GB of storage, and $150 for 32GB of storage. Heavily ignored Palm smartphones were also picked adult and privileged during a Best Buy store, and bonds of phones and tablets will not be refreshed, a salesman said. Best Buy has stopped offered a TouchPad on a website, and HP has run out of TouchPads on a sell site, where prices were also listed as starting during $99. The glow sale came only dual days after HP pronounced it was looking to sell or spin-off a Personal Systems Group, that markets PCs and mobile devices. HP also pronounced it would immediately stop growth of a TouchPad, only a small over a month after a initial models went on sale. The association also is discontinuing growth and sale of a smartphones, including a Pre and Veer. The inclination run on a webOS software, and a association pronounced it would continue growth of a OS height and try business opportunities around a OS, including chartering it to hardware makers. The TouchPad went on sale in early July, though it couldn’t contest opposite Apple’s iPad and tablets using on Google’s Android OS.

BlackBerry still losing market share

Apple releases downloadable Lion boot disk

accessible usually as a digital download, in June.Catering to a some-more discreet crowd, Apple has expelled an central liberation hoop assistant for a latest handling system, OS X Lion, that expelled final month as a download-only handling system.

A tour of the ultimate techie

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