A tour of the ultimate techie

Latest from The Business JournalsGoogle, Dish seen as leaders for HuluComcast forms telecom towers unitComcast Ventures backs American Tower rivalFollow this companyshowed off a latest consumer record Tuesday in a Haverford palace that is portion as Philadelphia Magazine  Philadelphia MagazineLatest from The Business JournalsGoing noodle bowling in ChinatownPopular Phila. food blog Foobooz boughtPhiladelphia Magazine names McGrath editor-in-chiefFollow this company’s Design Home 2011 from Sept. 10 by Oct. 9. While we found a residence’s furnishings to be rather next my standards — we was quite unhappy by a miss of oil-on-velvet tapestries of animals personification billiards or poker — a record was flattering cool. Comcast demonstrated a Xfinity Home Security service, that it launched in June; a video-calling use it announced in partnership with Skype a same month, though hasn’t launched yet; and a next-generation module beam it’s now contrast in 1,000 households in Augusta, Ga. I found a module beam to be a many engaging of a 3 and attempted to sketch some of a screens, though doing so in a demeanour that constructed transparent cinema of them was over a capabilities of my camera. The beam is a immeasurable alleviation over a predecessors since it’s a finish depart from them. Comcast’s module guides to date have used module that runs on a set-top boxes a association provides to a customers. Not this one. Most of a module powering it resides on remote Comcast servers; a usually module associated to it on a set-top boxes is a browser module that accesses a module on a servers. As a result, navigating a beam bears some-more similarity to surfing a Net than to slogging by a predecessors. For example, when we call adult information on a film we get, among other things, a “More Like This” box. Select it and we see identical cinema accessible on demand. There’s also a “Cast and Crew” box. Choose it and we see a tip 5 actors and actresses from a movie. Select one of them and we get, among other things, all their cinema that are accessible on demand. Technology, Venture Capital, Nonprofits See all your followed association news on your personalized dashboard. To entrance a full advantages of bizWatch and accept a weekly email with many-sided news on all a companies we are following, greatfully yield your email residence below.